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1st Oct 2019 Louis Café Give Me Mic Event hosting Candy & Friends
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On the 28th September 2019 Louis Café Cosmo City Hosted an amazing event, named “Give Me Mic” Cultural Exchange with Kalawa Jazmee’s Limpopo Born music Superstar Candy Tsamandebele and Friends. Some of the artists that graced the stage were Bekezela, whose hit song encouraging a lover to wait had people singing along, Kaygee Daking-Bazizi of Kokota Piano fame had the crowd dancing through their set, the lovely female musician Rudoluv, more affectionately known as Miss Coffee sang through her great song Coffee to the Crowds’ pleasure.


Since the event was all about Cultural exchange, the audience was pleased to see an electric performance by Nigerian Born South African based musician Austino Hero alongside his DJ and Producer Deejay Berry. Austino lit up the stage when he performed his latest single “Confirm” to the cheering crowds’ enjoyment.

Nokwazi also showed up and turned up the show with her lovely dancers, performing her favourite hit songs, while the ladies in the crowd sang along to the lyrics. The sound System was loud and clear, you could probably hear the event sound all around Cosmo City.


One of Candy’s friends and Ndebele print artist, Bakwateleni under her new name Mrazaneskhethu (Ndebele Queen) had a great time with her high energy dancers on stage adorned with her Ndebele prints on white. She performed her debut singles “X” and Isdudla a song she dedicated to plus size women and issues around body shaming, hate speech and women’s rights.

Ladies in the crowd couldn’t get enough of the good looking MC, actor and male model Wiseman Zitha (Musawahosi) who kept the program and show rolling while requesting some bouncy and dancy Tsonga music songs that he passionately danced to during the intervals while hyping the audience for the next performer.

Vusinova who is Candy’s good friends could be seen around the VIP with two of his security personnel or better yet bodyguards, looking quite African and cultural with his traditional head band and a lovely and friendly smile that greeted his fans, as many requested a chance to take a picture with the music Star.

Last, but not least as the people had awaited the MC made an announcement that Candy is finally coming to the stage. As we all know, Candy always puts up an amazing show. Performing her hit songs, including one of her latest song “Nathinga” which the crowd responded to as the lovely female dancers moved effortlessly to the beat and choreography blending quite well with Candy’s energetic traditional infused style.

All in all the event was amazing, a great venue with enough space, good sound. An awesome artist line up and every one of the artists did the most, and what I also loved was that Louis Café had a photographer with proper lights that covered the events and made sure people got nice quality looking pics of themselves at the event.

I guess not only local music, but African music is Lekker…………..

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2 thoughts on “Louis Café Give Me Mic Event hosting Candy & Friends”

  1. It was a brilliant show….all performers did their thing and the crowd loved it

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