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9th Aug 2020 Jmovemence – Nuh Fear – Starticle Release Article
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Who is Jmovemence and where is he from?

Jason Ford, otherwise known as Jmovemence an Uplifting and motivating musical Entertainer with unique Lyrics, versatility and melodies suitable for the music industry. From the Parish St. Catherine Jamaica.

Jmovemence is a Dancehall and Reggae artist currently creating waves on every single stop he makes around the island and internationally. When performing on stage shows He easily gives his fans more than what they had expect. This entertainer keeps his Fans shouting for more.

Jmovemence has became a talk on the Gaza streets as one of the young entertainers who would one day become an international star. This Unique songwriter and Singjay has released four amazing singles, “Go Hard, Money Pree, Free and Change A Come“.

The Youngstar Jmovemence was one of the chosen entertainers from Jamaica who was a part of ‘Take Me Home’ Tour & Music Festival in Ghana February 14 performing at Akroma Plaza Takarodi.
Jmovemence is patiently waiting for that big break in the music industry hoping the Creator makes it possible for Him to one day break from the local to the international market where He will be able to do collaborations with many more international Artists.

How did your [A.K.A] artist/producer name or alias come about?

My Artist name is all about the uplifting and determined movements I make to reach out to my fans, families and friends in my community, I got the name Jmovemence from the Streets.

What type of music\beat style do you do?

The type of of music I do and the type of beats I like are Dancehall, Reggae, and Afro.

What do you say makes your music unique or stand-out?

What makes my music outstanding is my unique vocal that contains melodies, lyrics with versatility that makes me different.

When writing songs what do you enjoy to write about?

When writing a song what I enjoy writing about mostly is the reality of life, what’s going on now and what’s to come.

What inspired your current release SINGLE \ EP \ ALBUM\ INSTRUMENTAL

What inspired me to write my current single called Nuh Fear, is the motivation I have for others not to allow the fear in their heart to parralize them and seeing how people can take advantage it’s important to always beware of badmind people, yet stay free from fear. This song motivate others not to be weak, by conquering their fear.

The name of the producer who made the current release

The producer of my current single called Nuh Fear is produced by Jae Haboi and Mojelo Mojelo from Ha Boi Production – South Africa.

Where did you record your project?

The name of the studio I recorded Nuh Fear is Music Basket Productions in Jamaica

Do you have a message for your fans and supporters?

I would like to tell all my Fans and supporters out in the World to keep believing in me and please continue to support Jmovemence. More Love and Respect. You are appreciated.

BOOKINGS and Social Media platforms FB\ INSTA TWITTER\ YOUTUBE

For bookings of Jmovemence you can contact for more info, or call 1876471-6046 for Dubs and jingles Etc.

Instagram: Jmovemence • Twitter: Jmovemence

Facebook: Jason Ford • Youtube: Jmovemence

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