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30th Jun 2020 Jah Link – Clap Di K – Starticle Release Article
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A bit of info about who Jah Link is and where he comes from??

My name is Malcolm Gordon Stoffels  better known professionally as Jah Link,  a South African Music Producer, songwriter, Publisher, Artist  and  Entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Cape Town, Western Cape province of South Africa.

2. How did your [A.K.A] artist/producer name or alias come about?

My Alias Name Jah Link Was Derived from the name of a pet I had during my Rise called Linkage,  From There i Was Acquainted by An Elder Rastafarian Musician Called Congo D who I later  joined forces with in the Reggae Genre. He Then Said I Was A Link From Jah To Him ‘ Then He Titled me “Jah Link”.

3. What type of music\beat style do you do?

Jah Link Is An all rounder when it comes to Genre no Specificity as My Producer Skills don’t limit me to one musical discipline. 

4. What do you say makes your music unique  or stand-out?

I Mostly try Convey The Message Of Love in my Music, also my style, lyrical content and voice.

5. When writing songs what do you enjoy to write about?

I speak of Compassion & Emotion Due to The Low esteem We Have In our Societies and the Tragedies and life problems we face.

6. What inspired your current release SINGLE \ EP \ ALBUM\ INSTRUMENTAL?

Well, the song is about a ghetto character who is a gunslinger and gangster. The song tells the story of how he shoots guns in broad-daylight and warns his rival gang members of not trying to violate him.

We find that in our communities many youth are exposed to violence, more especially gun violence and this has a contribution to how many of them turn out, violent. It is a narrative of some of the realities of growing up in a violent society.

7. The name of the producer who made the current release?

 The song Clap Di K was produced bu Jae Haboi and Mojelo from Haboi Productions in collaboration with Flyweh Records.

8. Where did you record your project?  

At my Flyweh Records Studios – Cape Town

 9. Do you have a message for your fans and supporters?

 I would Like To Urge All My Fans & Supporters to Never Give up In Life ‘ Run Your Own Race. Persist & Persevere and always Focus on Your Journey.

At the Moment Jah Link is due to release a Strictly Reggae EP Album Entitled “Joy 2 My Soul” which is due for release on all Online Digital Platforms by August 2020.

This Album Was Composed During The Strict 4 Months Lockdown Period We faced In Mzantsi’ .

Jah Link worked with various Producers On The Album Like Tiya Inity ‘ Ally Stylez ‘ Flyweh Records ‘ Satta Afrika Soundstation &  Chadley BassFace Beukes & Chad “ Guitarlicks” Andrews all Songs were Recorded  and mastered At Flyweh Records ‘

10. Social media links FB\ INSTA TWITTER  YOUTUBE

Jah Link – Flyweh Boss:

 Facebook: Jah Link • Instagram: @jahlinkflywehking • Twitter : @Royaljahlink • YouTube: Flyweh Records

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