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25th Jul 2020 Itesman – Kill Dem With A Smile – Starticle Release Article
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A bit of info about who Itesman is and where he comes from?

Andile Poswa also known as Itesman ‘The Real Social Worker’ in the creative space. He’s a multi talented creative. A Visual artist, Fashion Designer, Musician, Songwriter, Presenter, Music and TV Producer, Illustrator, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur and Events Organiser. He was born and bred in the Nelson Mandela Bay(PE) in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

How did your [A.K.A] artist/producer name or alias come about?

His name is Andile and every Andile’s nickname is Ace where he comes from, so he was called Aceman until he became Ras. He has a positive outlook in life, a humble man so he called himself Itesman. He was named by fellow artists and friends who knew the kind of person he is, being selfless always eager to help out they called him the Real Social Worker.

What type of music\beat style do you do?

Reggae music is the genre he does best although he don’t limit his creativity he dabble in other popular genres.

What do you say makes your music unique or stand-out?

He has a unique voice and style, inspired by many genres and musicians but still not sounding like a next artist

When writing songs what do you enjoy to write about?

His music is more about social commentary, he writes about relevant issues as well a great fan of love judging by the catalog of his love songs.

What inspired your current release SINGLE \ EP \ ALBUM\ INSTRUMENTAL

When he works on other Producer’s riddims he gets inspired by the title or theme of the riddim.

The name of the producer who made the current release.

Jae HABOI together with Mojelo from Ha Boi Productions

Where did you record your project?

Satta ‘frika Soundstation.

Do you have a message for your fans and supporters?

Thank you for the support it keeps me growing and tell those who don’t know Itesman what they’re slipping on.

Social media links FB\ INSTA TWITTER YOUTUBE

Facebook: Andile Itesman Poswa Twitter: @andileposwa

Instagram: @thereal_itesman

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