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12th Jul 2020 IAMEDZ – Topform Badness –  Starticle Release Article
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A brief of info about who Iamedz is and where he comes from?

Wolde ‘Iamedz” West is a Reggae/Dancehall artist and Music Producer from Jamaica.

How did your [A.K.A] artist/producer name or alias come about?

I got the name Iamedz from close friends who observed my keenness on always being informed about many different topics

What type of music\beat style do you do?

My style of music is Hardcore Dancehall and Reggae

What do you say makes your music unique or stand-out?

My insights about different topics, my smooth rhyming style and catchy flow.

When writing songs what do you enjoy to write about?

I enjoy writing about every day real life situations and connecting more with my fans on an emotional level as well as perspicuity and living lavish

What inspired your current release SINGLE \ EP \ ALBUM\ INSTRUMENTAL

My inspiration was drawn from an incident that occurred and feeling the desire to share this experience with my fans

The name of the producer who made the current release?

HA BOI Productions South Africa – Mojelo & Jae Haboi

Where did you record your project?

MedzMuzic Records, Manchester, Jamaica

Do you have a message for your fans and supporters?

Thanks for the continued support to all my fans. Subscribe to all my social media profiles . #StayFrass .#Stayhigh. #GwaanMedz

Instagram: iamedzmusic • Twitter: WestWolde

Facebook: Iamedz2012 • Youtube: IamedZ

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