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11th Oct 2019 Ha Boi Releases Blazing Dancehall – Trap Track: Mojelo – DAH GYAL AH BAD
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Ha Boi Productions has just released a bouncy and bumpy Dancehall club banger single titled, DAH GYAL AH BAD. The track features amazing vocals by Ha Boi Pro’s recording artist, producer, songwriter and executive Mojelo Mojelo (De Real Party Starter) as he is passionately known. Using cutting-edge Dancehall Patois-English lingua lyrics voiced in a high pitch-melodic Sing Jay Style, the song is an electrifying and head bumping experience to listen to for the 03:00 minutes of the length.

In the song Mojelo tells a story of a woman who possesses a remarkable way of dancing or whining; which is the circular motion of the female body and waist during a dance to loud bass and drum dominant music. He continues to share how he had never seen a girl whine like that. Calling on the DJ to play her favourite song one more time so she can get a chance to whine again.

Admiring the way, the lady controls the movements of her body like a ballerina or belly dancer, while complimenting the shape of her body likened to that of a model. The song is sure to get the ladies dancing and enjoying themselves, as it seeks to also promote the right to bodily movement and freedom that many women fear to express due to shaming, abuse and oppressive social norms. The Bad (meaning good) woman in the song is a woman who is free of shame, control or what people might say, she is just in the music and loving how the beat makes her move.

“The song is about the right for women to enjoy their freedom to dance and dress how they feel without the fear of judgement, abuse and ridicule. It is about having a great time and enjoying the entertainment and joy that music and dancing provides” – MOJELO

The awesome beat to the song was produced by Pretoria’s Trap music top Producer G Star. A young and talented producer who creates world class Hip-Hop music and commercial beats. The fusion of the Dancehall inspired lyrics and the Bouncy Hats, sub bass and 808 kicks on the beat, gel together in a spectacular way to create a hard-hitting urban Dancehall-Trap song.  It’s no wonder Mojelo is regarded as the Music Supermarket, his ability to blend styles and genres of music effortlessly stays interesting sharp and current, maybe even quite futuristic at times.

Art Work by

Artist manager and Ha Boi Exec Jae Dilr promises that Ha Boi Productions will continue producing hot collaborations with various international productions, producers and artists while also representing and advocating for Dancehall music, a once loved sub-genre of Reggae in South Africa.

The song is available on the Ha Boi Productions website, and more promos and visuals will be coming up soon. The striking colourful Urban Retro artwork and design for the single cover was created and designed by KatlegoM Tshimega Perspective – Ha Boi Media.

Listen: Mojelo – Dah Gyal Ah Bah

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