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15th Oct 2019 Ha Boi & Cassette Productions Presents Mojelo & Ndukuman’s latest collabo single “VANDAG”
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New Hot Trap-Kwaito single just dropped on the Ha Boi Pro official website     

Dropped just a day after Ndukuman’s Birthday

The song voiced and mixed @ Ha Boi Studios features Mojelo (De Music Supermarket) and Ndukuman on the vocals riding Kasi/ghetto style on a JoshAlo beat. The title of the song is “VANDAG” which is derived from an Afrikaans word meaning today.

The artists made use of PITORI street lingo, or the Sotho and Tswana urban/township slang spoken around the Pretoria Tshwane area (South Africa’s Capital City) write their lyrics. The piece is about Today or “VANDAG” being an awesome day, where everyone is going to have fun. It lets you know that today, it’s going down. It’s all about getting ready for a day and night filled with music, places to go and excitement.

The beat, produced by Cassette Productions’ Head Producer JoshAlo is an amazing trippy trap sound with guitar synths, bouncy Trap signature hi-hats, strong 808 Kicks and emo type Lo-Fi Sub Basslines that keep you captivated, swaying and head bumping through the 3:09 minutes of the duration of the song. Both Mojelo & Ndukuman have other songs Produced by JoshAlo and look forward to doing work with the remarkable Trap Music Producer.

Since Ndukuman is a Kwaito artist, one of the few still representing the Kwaito music scene in South Africa. It comes as a wonderful surprise to hear him on a Trap beat, throwing melodic ghetto style rhymes on the second verse proving his versatility and diversity. There’s a part in the song where Ndukuman says that he is the Street-Boss, claiming his current status as the Super Kwaito King.  Mojelo can be heard on the chorus singing in a smooth slightly trap-style autotuned voice as well as the first verse where he flows through the stanza effortlessly and with musical ease.

Ha Boi & Cassette Productions will be promoting the single on various SA Radio Stations, Press and will soon shoot the music video to the song which will flight on major TV music channels. The artists also plan to have shows where they will also get a chance to perform the HIT song, for their followers and fans. Look out for more music by Mojelo, Ndukuman and JoshAlo as they are some of the hardest working creatives in Southern Africa.

Mojelo: Instagram @mojelo_mojelo | Facebook: Mojelo Mojelo | Twitter: @MojeloOfficial

Ndukuman: Instagram @ndukuman_lash | Facebook: Ndukuman Shengu Lloyd | Twitter: @ndukuman1

JoshAlo: Instagram: @joshalo| Facebook: JoshAlo Ajetreo | Twitter: @joshalo

Cassette Pro: Instagram: @cassetteproductions | Facebook: @Cassetteproductions | Twitter: @cassettepro

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Artist Manager: WhatsApp: +27 71 579 9058

Brand Manager: WhatsApp: +27 61 467 8163

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