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7th Jul 2020 Fireverse – Go fi de Chedda – Starticle Release Article
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Write a brief paragraph about who you are and where you’re from?

Fabian Wayne Edwards professionally Know by his Stage Name FireVerse or ClassicBoss born 16 November 1999. A Jamaican Singer song writer, actor and producer. He Launched his record label company WrldClassic Records, which has released singles such as Near The Moon, Flayvah, Today is not yesterday and Love Again

How did your [A.K.A] artist/producer name or alias come about?

My name was inspired by my music style and having blazing hot catchy phrases.

What type of music\beat style do you do?

Dancehall and Reggae fusion mostly.

What do you say makes your music unique or stand-out?

My style, my flow and the unique way I create my rhymes.

When writing songs what do you enjoy to write about?

I mostly write about love relationships, poverty, inequality lifestyle and dancing songs.

What inspired your current release SINGLE \ EP \ ALBUM\ INSTRUMENTAL 

This song was inspired by my African fans demanding more new vibes from FireVerse.

 The name of the producer who made the current release?

Mojelo and Jae Haboi from South Africa Ha Boi Productions

Where did you record your project?

WrldClassic Records Jamaica 

Do you have a message for your fans and supporters?

Stay safe, always wear a mask and stay tuned for more new music. Feel free to message me on the comment section below and my social media platforms.

Social media links FB\ INSTA TWITTER  YOUTUBE

Instagram: fireversemusic • Twitter: fireversemusic

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