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1st Jul 2020 Al Capone JJ – Nah Mercy – Starticle Release Article
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Write a brief paragraph about who you are and where you’re from?

I’m Vusumzi Ngubane Aka Al Capone JJ. A Dancehall artist and Producer, born in Gugulethu KYD ny12 no 7 and I represent SA and whole Kakyard community.

How did your [A.K.A] artist/producer name or alias come about?

My aka came from way back while I was a teen. I used to be a troublemaker and so was given the name Al Capone JJ.

What type of music\beat style do you do?

More times I like to work on Dancehall Riddims, but when i work as a producer I make Roots riddims, hip hop and Mapiano beats.

What do you say makes your music unique  or stand-out?

It is my high pitch punchy voice and melodies, they are not your regular kind.

When writing songs what do you enjoy to write about?

I don’t write music. I just work with the inspiration I get from the beat, then I freestyle to the rhythm.  

What inspired your current release SINGLE\EP\ ALBUM\ INSTRUMENTAL? 

What inspired me is reality issues, and how you have to be ruthless and firm in your stand, to make it in life.

Name of the producer who made the current release.

The producers of Hate-Proof are my bros and associates Mojelo and Jae Haboi – Ha Boi Productions.

Where did you record your project? 

I recorded the project at my studio Kak Yard Records – Cape town.

Do you have a message for your fans and supporters?

Love each other and support one another. Love is above all. Look out for more music from Kak Yard Records and Al Capone JJ. 

Social media links FB\ INSTA TWITTER  YOUTUBE

Facebook: Alcapone JJ Ngubane  Instagram: Al Capone JJ Ngubane

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